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“Embracing Destiny’s Crossroads” is the unveiling of the author’s real life journey that goes beyond her autobiography in revealing simple life’s lessons on what to do when reaching crossroads in your life.  The author provides practical strategies on how to embrace those crossroads, and move forward in the direction towards your destiny.  It’s about reaching our destiny that was predestined before we were born.

Embracing Destiny’s Crossroads is a map that takes the confusing terrain of life and lays out a clear path to follow in the discovery of your life’s assignment.  This book will become a classic.


Best selling author and Senior Pastor, Bahamas Faith Ministries International

Nassau, Bahamas

As long as I have known Lucile Richardson, she has passionately pursued God’s purpose for her life.  The lessons she shares in “Embracing Destiny’s Crossroads” will both inspire and equip you to do the same. 


Senior Pastor, Cottonwood Christian Center, Los Alamitos, California

In this book is counsel that rings true—wisdom that will keep us on track as we pursue God’s purpose and design for our lives! 


Author/Contributing Writer for Spirit Led Woman and Ministries Today

This book is a must-read, explaining how every stumbling block in your life can become a stepping-stone leading you towards a victorious, constructive life of purpose and integrity. With an astute intellect and a passionate heart, Lucile Stephens Richardson shares valuable insights and wisdom from her personal journey and essential keys to succeed in life.


Author, Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies at BIOLA University