Want to be a Volunteer?

    “We’re Christians Passionate About Ending Poverty”

    EJOMI believes to follow Jesus where they want is the greatest, working through our volunteers to unlock the potential of the people that help them to discover that the answer to poverty is hidden within themselves. In the event of disaster strikes, we respond quickly. EJOMI won’t stop until poverty stops.

    Your Donation is Safely Delivered

    In our work through churches, it’s the unparalleled accountability that gives donors certainty their money gets directly to the places of greatest need – without government red tape. In our faith, it’s our relentless determination to follow Jesus where the need is greatest.

    See the Impact for Yourself

    EJOMI does not want to be the answer to a community’s problems. Instead, we believe that they are the answer themselves.

    It is all about their understanding, their determination, and their gifts.

    And around the world, it has been the job of the local church helping to make that difference. EJOMI is helping communities unlock their God-given potential and rise out of poverty.

    We know the people, we know the problems, and so often we can see simple, inexpensive solutions.

    EJOMI will love you to support these amazing God’s men and women as they stand with their communities and work tirelessly for change. You can find out here how you can do just that with the help of EJOMI.

    See how we are helping poor communities rebuild their structure, with support, love and practical training. See for yourself the Villages that are striking out on a journey towards a promising future, where they will be promised clean water, enough food, education, and health.

    Get Involved

    Many Christians become enthusiatic by the relentless love for God. They are on a journey with us to end extreme poverty. EJOMI Working with local churches has had seen incredible restoration all over the world. We will be excited if you join us.