EJOMI is a diverse group of volunteers working together to relieve suffering and despair. What sets us apart is the dependability and dedication of our members as we work in every area of poverty to ease the suffering of people who could use a helping hand: physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Food Donations

EJOMI strives to reflect God’s, unconditional love through their charity work. It is a sacrificial love that embraces all people regardless of race or religion. EJOMI believes the best way of showing His love is by serving the “least of these” on this earth as Christ challenged us to do in Matthew 25. The organization deems to pray that by God’s grace, and with the people’s support, EJOMI can continue to bring relief to the sufferers and to be the hope of the hopeless.

Collaborate with EJOMI to bring smiles to young faces and ease the pains of hunger by setting up a monthly donation to get poor people fed.

Donations Regarding Clothing

 “Whoever bestows kindness upon the poor is lending to the Lord, and they will be reward by the lord for what they have done.” (Proverbs 19:17).

EJOMI deals with clothing donations that benefit the poor. We have organizations spread all over the state which identify the needy homeless people who are in need of the clothing, and by the grace of our donations, we satisfy the clothing needs of the plenty.

Building Material Donations

EJOMI believes in providing safe and secure shelter to those whose home is little more than a few sticks, mud, and scraps pieces. We have centers established all over the states that identify people in need and register them through our relief campaign and are then helped through our donations.

Future Site of our Mission’s Training Institution in Columbia:

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